07 Oct

Most people’s minds will not be changed when it comes to this long-standing debate.  But the discussion is out there, and it is an important one.  When does life begin? Who has the right to take a life? Who should be punished? How do you decide the answer to all of these questions? Use your research to present an argument about the rights of the woman to choose or the rights of the child to live.  you must support your argument with sources from your research, and you MUST pick a side.

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One response to “Abortion

  1. Timothy

    April 19, 2011 at 5:13 pm

    Abortion is a huge issue in society today. Abortion is wrong though, no matter how you look at it. Life starts at conception not at birth, so it is murder to abort a child. also there is the loop hole in that law that needs to be considered. If a person kills a woman that is pregnant, he is charged with a double murder for killing the woman and the child. So why is it not murder if the baby is aborted?


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